3 July 2022

Shortcut requests

Summary: A running list of shortcuts that users have requested to include in Accelerator Key’s next release.

26 June 2022

v2.0.3 released - Full screen mode and Zoom support

Summary: Accelerator Keys now works when Excel is in full screen mode, and when there is an active Zoom or MS Teams call ongoing.

Hi everyone,

I wrote previously about hiring a developer to work on longstanding usability issues in Accelerator Keys. These weren’t severe, but they weren’t great for user experience.

I’m glad to announce that these efforts are bearing fruit. Accelerator Keys now works when Excel is in full screen mode, and when there is an active Zoom or MS Teams call ongoing.

These two issues shared a common root cause, which is that Accelerator Keys relies on placing an overlay on top of the active Excel window. There were implementation complexities to work through when Excel is in full screen mode, because that means Excel is the topmost window already, and when a Zoom call is ongoing, because Zoom becomes the topmost window to facilitate its screen sharing and active call floating toolbars and windows that you’ll all be familiar with.

We’ve also put in place additional crash logging to track down the sporadic crashes of the app. I emphasise again that these have only affected 1% of sessions so far, and hopefully the fixes above also cleared up some edge cases in the app, but we’ll keep on working to make sure Accelerator Keys becomes a seamless and invisible part of your daily work.

Next on my list is catching up on the long list of requested shortcuts that has built up while we’ve been working on the issues above. In particular, the next release will have significantly expanded coverage in PowerPoint.

Thank you all, as always, for the support.

11 April 2022

Update on bug fixes and our first developer

Summary: Accelerator Keys is growing well enough that I’m bringing on an external developer to work on long-standing usability upgrades.

Hi all,

Apologies for the long period between releases. My family just welcomed our second child 🎉 Thank you to those who sent in your well wishes.

I wanted to provide an update on two issues that several of you have flagged.

  1. Accelerator Keys stops working sometimes and requires a restart of Excel and/or Accelerator Keys for functionality to resume.
  2. The Accelerator Keys overlay does not appear when there is an active Zoom/Teams/Webex call.

What I am doing I’ve just hired an experienced macOS developer to look into these issues full-time. My goal is for these issues to be resolved by end May.

If you’re a prospective user of the app, please be aware of these issues. They aren’t show-stoppers for most — issue #1 affects less than 1% of all sessions of Accelerator Keys, while #2 is annoying but most of our time is still spent outside of video calls. Our user base is still growing 20-30% a month, with very low churn. The 14 day free trial should give you ample time to put the app through its paces before purchase.

For my current users, I’m grateful for your patience. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to fix these yet - but I’m committed to investing the developer resources to give solving these a real shot. Accelerator Keys is a pretty unique application, and the developer will take some time to get familiar with the code base.

Thanks again everyone, keep the feature requests coming, and I will post updates here as and when they come in.

13 January 2022

v2.0.2 released

Summary: Accelerator Keys now supports Powerpoint.

By popular demand, you can now use Accelerator Keys to use alt key shortcuts on Mac Powerpoint. I’ve only added my most commonly used shortcuts on the Home Tab for now. But as always, if you’re a paying user, please feel free to write in with shortcuts you commonly use, and I’ll add them where possible to the next update.

In addition, I also fixed a bug that was causing Accelerator Keys to crash intermittently, and added additional shortcuts in the Page Layout and Data tabs of Excel.

Happy new year everyone!

24 November 2021

v2.0.1 released

Summary: Fixed the onboarding flow to allow non-English users to use Accelerator Keys as long as Excel’s language is in English.

The previous update prevented Accelerator Keys from being launched if the system language wasn’t in English. A few users mentioned that you set Excel to English while leaving the system language in another language. This update now allows Accelerator Keys to start as long as accessibility permissions have been granted.

22 November 2021

v2.0.0 released

Summary: Significant usability improvements, including a setup wizard, starting Accelerator Keys at login, and auto-resizing Excel so that all buttons are selectable via alt keys.

6 November 2021

v1.1.4 released

Summary: Updated Accelerator Keys to work with macOS Monterey and added a few requested features.

11 September 2021

v1.1.3 released

Summary: Added missing shortcuts requested from paying users.

Added shortcuts for:

19 July 2021

v1.1.2 released

Summary: Accelerator Keys now allows you control buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar in Mac Excel using alt key shortcuts. Ribbon shortcuts for Mac Excel also now work on multi-monitor setups.

9 May 2021

v1.1.1 released

Summary: Fixed bugs that were causing Accelerator Keys to crash on certain key sequences in Excel 2019 and 2016.

27 March 2021

v1.1.0 released

Summary: Updates Accelerator Keys to match recent changes to Mac Excel and adds new ribbon shortcuts requested by users.

Microsoft introduced a new section in the View Tab. Buttons that used to be visible (e.g. show gridlines) are now not unless Excel is stretched to fill the screen. Please make your Mac Excel window as wide as possible to use all available alt-shortcuts—Accelerator Keys can only target visible buttons.

Shortcuts added: