Update on bug fixes and our first developer

11 April 2022

Summary: Accelerator Keys is growing well enough that I’m bringing on an external developer to work on long-standing usability upgrades.

Hi all,

Apologies for the long period between releases. My family just welcomed our second child 🎉 Thank you to those who sent in your well wishes.

I wanted to provide an update on two issues that several of you have flagged.

  1. Accelerator Keys stops working sometimes and requires a restart of Excel and/or Accelerator Keys for functionality to resume.
  2. The Accelerator Keys overlay does not appear when there is an active Zoom/Teams/Webex call.

What I am doing I’ve just hired an experienced macOS developer to look into these issues full-time. My goal is for these issues to be resolved by end May.

If you’re a prospective user of the app, please be aware of these issues. They aren’t show-stoppers for most — issue #1 affects less than 1% of all sessions of Accelerator Keys, while #2 is annoying but most of our time is still spent outside of video calls. Our user base is still growing 20-30% a month, with very low churn. The 14 day free trial should give you ample time to put the app through its paces before purchase.

For my current users, I’m grateful for your patience. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to fix these yet - but I’m committed to investing the developer resources to give solving these a real shot. Accelerator Keys is a pretty unique application, and the developer will take some time to get familiar with the code base.

Thanks again everyone, keep the feature requests coming, and I will post updates here as and when they come in.

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