v2.0.5 released - All Excel shortcuts fully supported

4 November 2022

I’ve made a strong push to add the remaining 150-200 or so shortcuts that were missing in Excel, and now I’m glad to report that all Excel shortcuts are now enabled in Accelerator Keys.

There might be a few niggling issues with British/US spelling, or different capitalisations/punctuations across various versions of Excel, so please let me know if you run into that.

This is a personal milestone for me. I came across this review of Accelerator Keys a few months back.

blog review

It pointed out that the app felt half-finished, and it bugged me because it was true. At that time, we didn’t support full screen mode, and only the 150 most common Excel shortcuts were enabled.

With this release, both issues have been solved. I hope this contributes to a faster and more pleasant experience in your daily work with Mac Excel.

Next on my list is building out more complete PowerPoint support.

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